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LG UV340C Series Digital Signage UHD TV with Super Sign

LG UV340C Series Digital Signage UHD TV with Super Sign

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LG's latest Public Display TV, the UV340C supports UHD/4K resolution to provide optimal viewing in diverse library environments. With enhanced management functions including WOL (Wake On LAN), SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), and SuperSignTM Link, managers can increase efficiency while the edge-lit LED display and UHD picture quality improve the digital viewing experience.

 UV340C Series Features

• Ultra HD


• NEW Crestron Connected® Certifi ed Display

• NEW DPM (Display Power Management)

43" (42.5" Diagonal),

49" (48.5" Diagonal),

55" (54.8" Diagonal),

65" (64.6" Diagonal),

75" (74.6" Diagonal)

screen size

Ultra HD TV

4K Upscaler

Enjoy Full HD content in Ultra HD quality. The 4K Upscaler automatically upgrades Full HD content to Ultra HD through the six steps of the upscaling processes.

 Public Display mode

From channel selection to volume level, you can control the TV settings in business areas. Public Display Mode also enables Staff to restore default settings, as required,on the TVs.

Wol (wake on lan)

WOL (Wake on LAN) helps you remotely turn on TVs over the internet. Connect TVs and a PC in the same network, and send Magic Packet program to the MAC addresses of registered TVs. Then, it will wake up the TVs via LAN port.

 Self Diagnostics via USB

Enables library IT staff  to analyze the data and identify technical issues quickly and easily through a USB memory device.

 RS-232C Control

Via the TV's RS-232C port, you can remotely control power and volume settings simultaneously.


SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) ensures convenient network management for Library Staff.

Signage Dedicated Features

LG Super Sign: Preformatted easy to design message templates

Crestron Connected® Certifi ed Display

LG offers a host of commercial displays that are Creston connected certified for seamless integration and automated control.


Dpm (Display power management)

From now on, you can configure the DPM (DisplayPower Management) function by setting the function to on. When there is no signal, the TVs enters to DPM mode to manage power efficiently.

USB Cloning

Clone all Public Display with astonishing speed and ease. The USB Cloning feature allows you to simply copy the TV settings to all TVs using a USB memory device.


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