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LG LV340C Series Public Display TVs with LG Super Sign

LG LV340C Series Public Display TVs with LG Super Sign

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LG Public Display TVs are designed specifically for various library environments. When your library needs a TV this is the answer. With simple user-friendly interfaces and superb images and video, the LV340C series facilitates communications between your library and your patron audience. Also, the LV340C series supports SuperSignTM which is an easy to use pre-templated “Splash” messaging system for ease of use by library staff. Also the LV340C series contains the new (Wake on LAN) enabling staff to remotely control these displays.

Convenience & Entertainment

Display a warm greeting message with your Library’s name/logo on the Display/TV when it is turned on. Welcome screen leaves a favorable impression on visitors. With SuperSign C, LG's signage management software, library staff can easily control and remotely monitor via the LAN Port..

SuperSignTM C Welcome Screen (Splash Image)


• Public Display Mode

• USB Cloning

• USB Auto Playback +

• RS-232C

• NEW WOL (Wake on LAN)

• NEW Compatiblity between Crestron® Certified devices


32" (31.5" Diagonal),

43" (42.5" Diagonal),

49" (48.5" Diagonal),

55" (54.9" Diagonal)

Simple & Effective Maintenance

Clone all Public Display with astonishing speedand ease. The USB Cloning feature allows staff to simply copy the Display TV settings to all Display TVs using a USB memory device.

USB Cloning & Security

Enables service engineers to analyze the data and identify technical issues quickly and easily through a USB memory device. Lock Mode blocks external input signals with non-compliant content. This is a useful feature for preventing misuse of TVs in various facilities or public spaces. Lock Mode Self Diagnosis

Key Features

Public Display Mode

From channel selection to volume level, you can control the Display TV settings in public areas.

Display Mode also enables you to restore default settings, as required, on the TVs. WOL (Wake on LAN) helps you remotely turn on TVs over the internet. Connect TVs and a PC in the same network, and send Magic Packet program to the MAC addresses of registered TVs. Then, it will wake up the TVs via LAN port.

WOL (Wake on LAN)

Create a media playlist of your choosing (video, music, and/or images). Save it to a USB memory device, and then simply connect the USB memory device to the TV to stream your playlist sequentially.

USB Auto Playback+

Via the TV's RS-232C port, you can remotely control power and volume settings simultaneously.

RS-232C Control


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