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DeskBoard 75m Mobile Cart

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The DeskBoard 75m Mobile Cart

This the 75" version of the. The DeskBoard 75m is a portable height and tilt adjustable desk surface made interactive via an attached ultra short throw P8 or P10 Boxlight interactive projector. The DeskBoard is the ideal solution for libraries and schools that need mobile customized interactivity. The DeskBoard is an interatcive screen or interactive desk with the ability to raise, lower, tilt and move between library meeting rooms or from classroom to classroom. The unique DeskBoard mobile cart adjusts both height and tilt for the P8 or P10 ultra short throw interactive projector on a white surface desk board. This product is ideal for interactive programs and classrooms because it is easy for the program director or instructor to adjust and accommodate children interacting both at the screen and in a desktop environment.

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