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MAXStick Colors for Hold Labels

MAXStick Colors for Hold Labels

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It's so simple just: Click, Print, Maxstick and Shelve! Now your materials can have a highly visible reserve label that is pick up ready. Imagine the time saved by staff in reserve hold processing and the budget savings!  Six vibrant colors are available.

How MAXStick Works

MAXStick uses specially created primer and release coatings and a highly effective blend of adhesives to create the world’s first truly liner-free, removable-and-restickable label on a direct thermal roll.

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Roll: Adhesive on both edges, 3 1/8" width, 160' foot length, 2GO 55 gram weight

Certified BPA Free. FDA approved for food labeling

Available Colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Violet/Purple, Pink, Canary Yellow 

Case: Contains 24 rolls

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