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Citizen Hold Label Combo-Pack

Citizen Hold Label Combo-Pack

348.00 399.00

The Citizen ComboPrint Pack is the right cost effective solution to get your Hold Label printing program started. The Citizen ComboPrint Pack includes:

  • One (1) Citizen CT-S310IIMAX  MAXStick certified hold label printer. 
  • Printer Connectivity:  USB, R232 and Ethernet. (Yes all three!)
  • One (1) Case of MAXStick dual edge adhesive hold label paper. The case contains 24 rolls of MAXStick pn MS3181602GOSE-24 paper. This is the white paper with adhesive on both edges. Each roll measures 3 1/8" inches in width, and 160 ft in length.

We will even include free shipping to get your hold label project off to a great start!

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