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SPS Systems Office TBF UPS

SPS Systems Office TBF UPS

from 105.50

Keep your Circulation Desk operational during a power outage! A Complete Power Protection Solution Offering Battery Back up, Surge Protection, and Power Conditioning.

These incredible Low Profile UPS units fit neatly on any shelf under your Circulation Desk counter. Continue your check outs and patron services while your power is out.

The Office TBF UPS is a multi-device power protection solution ideally suited for computers, computer peripherals, internet, and multimedia applications. The Office-TBF is the first uninterruptible power supply with a Transformer-Based Filter, an electronic power conditioner. It eliminates line noise in addition to providing battery back-up and surge protection functionality that other uninterruptible power supplies offers. The Office-TBF is an ideal choice to meet all your office power protection needs.


·         Electronic power conditioner (TBF™)

·         Smart Ground technology (patent pending) controls ground noise to protect network systems and eliminate ground loop current

·         Automatic save and shutdown software for unattended computers

·         50/60 Hz frequency auto sensing

·         Cold start (DC power on)

·         USB communication port

·         Network protection RJ45

·         User replaceable UPS batteries

·         Short circuit and overload protection


• Electronic power conditioner (TBF™)
• Equipment operates as intended
• Equipment last longer
• Eliminates “no problem found” service calls


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