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Hurricane Cordless Air Duster

Hurricane Cordless Air Duster

99.95 119.95

The Hurricane CA-202 is the new force in cleaning your facilities equipment. The Hurricane CA202 is a patent pending cordless air duster! Our technology is the “Green Alternative” to traditional canned air (actually compressed gas) dusters. The CA202 Hurricane is a hand held,portable, battery rechargeable unit that when you pull the trigger, air shoots from its nozzle at over 230 mph for up to 15 minutes nonstop before needing a charge.  Canned air lasts about 10-15 seconds before freezing up and costs around $9.00 per can.  The Hurricane pays for itself after just about 11 uses. Perfect for cleaning out Back Office Servers,PCs, Point of Sales System terminals, keyboards, receipt printers and all those hard to dust areas.

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